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Franko's Hawai'i Reef Creatures Guide (fish card)

Franko's fish cards are stiff, laminated plastic, with a hole for a lanyard. Take it snorkeling or scuba diving with you!

Size of Fish Cards: 6" x 9"

FM-FISHH (Laminated $5.00) ISBN 1-931494-61-4

Franko’s Hawaii Reef Creatures Guide

Side 1 shows a mini-map of Hawaii, The Big Island with a few of it’s best diving and snorkeling spots located.  The map is a scaled-down version of Franko’s Map of Hawaii, showing the island greenery and magnificent volcanoes and the beautiful surrounding Pacific Ocean.  The ocean has humpback whales, spinner dolphins and Hawaiian monk seals, and thus they are depicted on the blue ocean.  Hawaii’s main towns, such as Kailua-Kona and Hilo, and it’s highways can be seen.  On the mini-map are two fabulous photos, one showing the cutest green sea turtle, and the other showing Franko’s wife Cindy, as she floats in crystal clear Hawaiian waters above a school of yellow millet seed butterflyfish.  This is representative of Hawaii’s unbelievable snorkeling opportunities.  The Big Island is fantastic for all levels of snorkelers or scuba divers.

Side 2 shows the wonderful reef life of Hawaii, The Big Island.  Hawaii has such great snorkeling and scuba diving that it must have it’s own quality fish card.  This picture of Hawaii’s fish is the result of personal exploration and inspiration, as Franko has snorkeled and scuba dived all around Hawaii.  The fish card, which measure 6" x 9", is printed on plastic and then laminated so that it is stiff, shiny and waterproof.  It has a hole for a lanyard, so you can actually take it diving or snorkeling.  I’ve used a thick rubber band as an effective lanyard for mine.  The reef creatures depicted on these cards are taken from my own artwork on Franko’s Map of Hawaii, The Big Island.  A few creatures have been added or edited since the first edition.  The fish shown include over 80 species, including a dozen or so that are found nowhere else on earth.   The Hawaiian fish shown are selected from about 435 species that exist in Hawaii, and are based on Franko’s personal exploration.  The colors and the means of showing them are based on personal observation.  The naming of the fish in Hawaiian as well as English is helped by the experts at the Maui Ocean Center, The Pacific Whale Foundation, Hanauma Bay rangers, The Waikiki Aquarium, and local knowledge.  My favorite is the Humuhumu Nukunuku Apua’a, Hawaii’s State Fish.  What is your favorite?  I also love the giant manta rays that grace the reefs, mostly at night.  One of my favorite dives of all time was a night dive to watch the manta rays soaring gracefully through the waters feeding on plankton which were drawn to our night-diving lights.


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Hawaii Fish Card with dive & snorkel site info, a mini Franko's Map of Hawaii. Reef creatures and fish are featured on side 2

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