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#1VAN4 / 4oz. / $9.95 ea
Monoi Vanille
The warm rich fragrance of the vanilla
orchid and vanilla bean combine to make
this delicious oil, but resist the urge to eat!
#1RED4 / 4oz. / $9.95 ea
Monoi Rouge
Original Monoi Tiare Tahiti oil, with iodine
added for a quick tan. Iodine will pigment
your skin -- and your bikini, so apply carefully!
#1SNT4 / 4oz. / $9.95 ea
Monoi Santal
The exotic aroma of sandalwood in
every bottle. Perfect if you prefer a
non-floral fragrance.
#1SUN4 / 4oz. / $9.95 ea
Monoi Sunscreen
Original Monoi Tiare Tahiti oil with a mild
sunscreen added (SPF 2). Avoid
excessive sun exposure until well tanned.
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