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Hawaiian Resources publishes cards.
We are one of the largest postcard suppliers in Hawaii with complete postcard lines to be found on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. We feature the artists of Hawaii in a very diverse note card line made up of blank inside 5 by 7 inch cards with envelopes. We are Hawaii's largest publisher of Hawaiian Christmas cards under the trade names of Coral Cards, Great Creations, and Hawaiian Holiday. Christmas cards are offered in boxes of ten with ten envelopes. Postcards are sold only in packs of 50. Note cards are sold in packs of a dozen with 12 envelopes.

Hawaiian Resources publishes books.
Our book line includes a series of high quality 32 page 10 inch by 13 inch photography collections that we call "Viewbooks". A viewbook has been created for each major island as a trip around the island using photography suitable for framing with minimal captioning. Viewbook titles include Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island plus Hawaii's Best Beaches, Tropical Flowers of Hawaii, and Hawaii's Volcano.

Hawaiian Resources publishes tide calendars.
Our line includes an 8.25 inch by 11.25 inch twelve month wall calendar for The State of Hawaii, We have created the most complete tide calendar for Hawaiian waters that show the movements of our tides, the sun, and the moon using graphs with beautiful curves and colors in a wall calendar format.

Hawaiian Resources is a co-publisher of the unique "Franko's Maps" series for Hawaii.
These maps are printed on a special waterproof and tear proof paper that can be abused and used in and near the ocean without harm to the maps. The initial series includes a dive map for Oahu, Maui, Hawaii and Kauai which can come either folded or laminated into a flat presentation piece. In addition, there is an Oahu Surf Map that identifies and describes all of the major surfing spots on Oahu. The back side of this map includes a blow up of the north shore and the south shore of Oahu with better surfing details. Lastly we have created a special Guide Map series for the Hawaiian Islands which, like a guide book, will provide the reader with a very complete listing of everything there is to see or do on each island. This series includes Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, and Molokai plus The Hawaiian Islands and a Pearl Harbor historical map. The backside of the Oahu Guide Map has the best map of Waikiki available anywhere.
Hawaiian Resources produces posters
in a 20 by 30 inch size made for standard frames. Go into the poster page to see our selection which includes a photograph of the entire State of Hawaii from space.

Finally, Hawaiian Resources is the U. S. distributor of the original Monoi Tiare Tahiti line of coconut oils and soaps.
These coconut oils have been made in Tahiti since 1942 and continue to be offered in their original packaging. Monoi oil is simply coconut oil refined to a cosmetic grade with a fragrance extracted from tropical flowers. This oil is the closest oil in nature to the oils found in your scalp and skin. The French government has created a law that protects and identifies the true Monoi from imposters. The oil, known for it's special properties, is used as a skin moisturizer for dry skin, as a sun tanning oil, and as a conditioner for hair and scalp. The soap is a french milled soap using Coconut oil and palm oil as the primary ingredients.

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