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Franko's Hawaiian Islands Chain Guide Map!

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Franko’s Map of The Hawaiian Islands

Side 1 of Franko’s Map of The Hawaiian Islands is a beautiful full view of the Hawaiian Islands chain, including the four main islands, Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii, plus the other two “main islands”, Lanai and Molokai, and the uninhabited island of Kahoolawe, and the forbidden island of Niihau.  The beautiful islands are shown in green shaded relief against a fabulous series of descending shades of ocean blue as the waters around the Hawaiian Islands descend to over 3 miles deep.  This map is similar to Franko’s dive maps if Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii in that it shows the lovely Hawaiian state fish, the Humuhumu Nukunuku, Apua’a, as well as 80 other Hawaiian reef creatures.  Since the beautiful sea and its wonderful creatures are so important to Hawaiians, as well as to visitors of the Hawaiian Islands, it is nice to depict the fishes and corals on the very face of the map.  Franko is the original “Aqua-nut”, since 7th grade, and thus this fishy theme will always be a part of Franko’s Maps of the Hawaiian Islands as well as other islands and coasts.  The islands indeed look absolutely beautiful, like green jewels, and the tropical Hawaiian reef creatures add to the beauty of the map.  For Hawaiian Islands cruise ship tourists, Franko’s Map of the Hawaiian Islands shows the relationship and distance between the islands’ ports o’ call.  However, it is the flip side of the map that more closely defines the details of these ports, including Honolulu on Oahu, Hilo and Kona on Hawaii, the Big Island, Lahaina and Kahului on Maui, and Lihue (Nawiliwili Harbor), on Kauai.  However, side 1 of the map also defines the basics of each of the islands of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe and Hawaii with a description of island facts, such as area and population, just as an atlas of the Hawaiian Islands might read.  As it is written on the map itself, these details are as follows:



Area:  597 sq miles (1557 sq km)

Coastline:  112 miles (180 km)

E to W Length:  60 miles (97 km)

N to S Width:  30 miles (48 km)

Population:  900,000+ (400,000 in Honolulu)

High Spot:  Ka'ala, 4020 ft (1225 m)


                 Honolulu Coastal - 22 in (56 cm)/yr

                 Kailua - 73 in (193 cm)/yr

                 Mountains - to 200+ in (508+ cm)/yr




Area:  4,028 sq miles (10,506 sq km)

Coastline:  266 miles (430 km)

E to W Width:  80 miles (129 km)

N to S Length:  93 miles (150 km)

Population:  135,000+

High Spot:  Mauna Kea 13,796 ft (4205 m)

                   Approx. 32,000 ft (9754 m)

                   high from sea floor to summit -

                   the biggest mountain in the world.

Rainfall:              Hilo                           129 in (328 cm)/year

                        Kona Airport              23 in (58 cm)/year

                                  South Point                15 in (38 cm)/year

                            Waimea                      50 in (127 cm)/year

Mauna Kea Weather:

     Typical Winter High:              40F (40C)

                                 Low:               25F (-40C)

                  Summer High:              60F (150C)

                                 Low:               32F (00C)

        It sometimes snows several feet deep

        atop Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa




Area:  73 sq miles (190 sq km)

Coastline:  40 miles (65 km)

E to W Length:  5 miles (8 km)

N to S Width:  17 miles (27 km)

Population:  220

High Spot:  Paniau 1281 ft (390 m)

Rainfall:  19 in (48 cm)/yr



Area:  46 sq miles (120 sq km)

Coastline:  31 miles (50 km)

E to W Length:  10.5 miles (17 km)

N to S Width:  6.5 miles (10.5 km)

Population:  Zero

High Spot:  Pu'u Moa'ulaiki 1477 ft (450 m)



Area:  261 sq miles (681 sq km)

Coastline:  95 miles (153 km)

E to W Length:  38 miles (61 km)

N to S Width:  10 miles (16 km)

Population:  7000

High Spot:  Kamakou 4961 ft. (1512 m)



Area:  144 sq miles (376 sq km)

Coastline:  52 miles (84 km)

E to W Length:  16 miles (26 km)

N to S Width:  13 miles (21 km)

Population:  3,000

High Spot:  Lana'ihale 3370 ft. (1027 m)

Rainfall:   Lanai City - 37 in (94 cm)/yr



Area:  533 sq miles (1390 sq km)

Coastline:  90 miles (145 km)

E to W Length:  33 miles (53 km)

N to S Width:  25 miles (40 km)

Population:  55,000

High Spot:  Kawaikini, 5243 ft (1598 m)


                   Mt. Wai'ale'ale - 451 in (1145 cm)/yr

                      (Rainiest spot on Earth)

                   Princeville - 85 in (216 cm)/yr

                   Kapa'a - 48 in (122 cm)/yr

                   Po'ipu - 36 in (92 cm)/yr

                   Waimea - 19 in (48 cm)/yr




Area:  727 sq miles (1896 sq km)

Coastline:  120 miles (194 km)

E to W Length:  45 miles (73 km)

N to S Width:  30 miles (48 km)

Population:  92,000

High Spot:  Hale'akala, 10,023 ft (3055 m)


                   Molokini  - 27 in (69 cm)/yr

                   Lahaina - 13 in (109 cm)/yr

                   Kahalui - 21 in (53 cm)/yr

                   Pu'u Kukui - 400 in ( 1016 cm)/yr

                   Hanawi Natural Area - 365 in (821 cm)/yr


Side 2 of Franko’s Map of The Hawaiian Islands is the real key to this map’s information.  Side 1 is nice, in that it shows the Hawaiian Islands chain as it naturally stretches across several hundred miles of North Pacific waters, but it is side 2 of Franko’s Map of the Hawaiian Islands that has the essential details of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii.  These details capture the essence of each of the four main Hawaiian Islands with descriptions of what there is to see and do on each of the islands.  Surrounding a map detail of Kauai, for example, are captions describing the things to see and do on the island of Kauai, such as helicopter tours of Waimea Canyon and the Napali Coast.  The map is a reduced size, compared with Franko’s Guide Map of Kauai yet it is still loaded with information about Kauai.  Similarly, the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii are mapped in beautiful shaded relief to show their volcanic mountains and cliffs, plus their cities, and sites.   The following captions are found on Franko’s Map of the Hawaiian Islands, side 2: 

Kaua’i  The Garden Isle

Hanalei Bay  Beautiful crescent bay with two miles of white, sandy beach and picnic facilities. 

Hanalei Town  A Hawaiian town with shopping, restaurants and incredible mountain and ocean scenery.

Kalalau Foot Trail  Backpack on a long, fabulous and difficult trail.  It is 10.8 mi (17.4 km) one way.  For a short tour hike just two miles from Ke'e Beach to Hanakapi'ai Beach.  Bring Water.

Kalalau Lookout  The view is fantastic at the summit of this huge valley.  Picture 5000 Hawaiian inhabitants living down there centuries ago.  Koke'e has great hiking.

Na Pali Coast Tour  Seeing the Na Pali Coast from aboard a tour boat is an unbeatable sailing experience.  Tours departing Port Allen or Hanalei Bay are intimately close to the towering Na Pali cliffs.  Tours often include snorkeling in crystal waters.  Via Helicopter the Na Pali views are more beautiful than words  or photos can express.  The beauty you'll see on your whole island tour will make you  appreciate Kaua'i as never before.

Waimea Canyon Visit  Kaua'i has its own "Grand Canyon".  Waimea Canyon is 1 mile (1.6 km) wide by 12 miles (19 km) long, and has a maximum depth of 3,657 feet  (1114 m).Erosion originates from the wettest spot on Earth.  Spectacular photo opportunities  await your camera anywhere along the Waimea Canyon Road.  Several well-marked lookouts provide safe viewing before entering Koke'e State Park. 

Golf Kaua'i  There are famous golf courses on the north and south shores of Kaua'i.  See Franko's Guide Map of Kaua'i for details.

Po'ipu Beach Park  Great beach for sunning, picnicking or snorkeling.  Lots of tame fish of all kinds pose in photogenic schools.  Usually calm and clear, but Po'ipu is exposed to summer south swells.

Allerton and Lawai Gardens at the National Tropical Botanical Garden.  Fantastic collection of rare plants, tropical fruit trees, and flowers.  This 1860's royal home of Queen Emma has formal gardens, streams, waterfalls, fountains, and European statuary.

Kaua'i Helicoptor Tour  Depart Lihue or Princeville airport for an exciting tour over some of the world's most unbelievably beautiful scenery!  There is no other ride like it. 

Nawiliwili Harbor  The cruise ship destination for Kaua'i.  Enjoy good restaurants, great shopping, real dirt shirts, and Kalapaki Beach at the Anchor Cove Shopping Center within walking distance of the harbor.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving  Almost everyone who visits Kaua'i loves to see the underwater scene, with its colorful fishes, corals, and green sea turtles.  For dive site details, refer to Franko's Dive Map of Kaua'i. 

Wailua River  Kayaking on Kauai's major rivers is an activity that all should enjoy.  One great paddle is up the Wailua River to Fern Grotto.

Guava Kai Plantation  Enjoy delicious, free guava juice, yummy souvenirs, and gifts, plus a place to stretch your legs as you wander through the orchards and see what guavas actually look like. 

Kilauea Lighthouse   Peaceful nesting and rest stop for sea birds such as the Magnificent Frigatebird, and  for Hawaii's state bird, the Nene or Hawaiian Goose.

Hanalei Lookout  Before entering Hanalei, stop at this magical lookout.  Enjoy mountain views, taro fields, rainbows, and waterfalls. 


O'ahu  The Gathering Place

North Shore Surfing  Several of the world's most famous surfing spots include Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and Hale'iwa.  During summer months these are merely pleasant beaches, but winter swells roll in October through April attracting many of the world's best surfers.  The authority on O'ahu surfing spots is Franko's Map of O'ahu Surfing.

Green Sea Turtles at Laniakea  This is the best place to see huge green sea turtles resting on the beach. 

Historic Hale'iwa  "Surf City U.S.A."  has shops, galleries, great food, superb beaches and refreshing shave ice.

Honolulu  The capital of The Hawaiian Islands is the state's business and banking center.  Honolulu Harbor is the largest international and interisland cruise ship terminal in Hawai'i.  Ships arrive adjacent to the Aloha Tower Market Place, which has super shopping, restaurants, and Hawaiian entertainment.  Honolulu is a world-class cruising destination.

Dillingham Airfield  Take-off point for sky diving and glider soaring Favorite O'ahu Hiking Diamond Head, Manoa Falls, Makapu'u Lookout, Tantalus and Roundtop Trails, and Ka'ena Point are just a few of the numerous hiking spots on O'ahu.  See Franko's Guide Map of O'ahu for details.

Makaha Surfing  Winter northwest swells wrap around O'ahu and transform Makaha into a world class surf spot.  When the surf is down, underwater Makaha is full of small caves and tunnels for great scuba diving.

Ko 'Olina Resort  Four beautiful lagoons, great golf and all kinds of amenities create an all-inclusive resort.

Waikiki  This uniquely Hawaiian place is the number one destination for the majority of visitors to Hawai'i.  There are dozens of world class hotels, superlative beaches, excellent surfing, international shopping, every kind of great food, easy transportation, Hawaiian entertainment, sailing, snorkeling, a zoo, an aquarium, museums, and tours to everywhere else you might want to go.  Waikiki's Ala Wai Golf Course is  the worlds busiest.

Pearl Harbor  This natural deep-water harbor is the home port of the U.S.  Navy in the Pacific. 

Visit the USS Arizona Memorial, "The Mighty Mo", and the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum.  USS Arizona Memorial  Honors more than 1100 men who died aboard the ship in the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. 

Punchbowl Crater  The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is the final resting place for WWII, Korean and Vietnam War casualties.  A shrine commemorates the missing-in-action.  The crater rim offers a great view of Honolulu.

South Shore Surfing  Includes Canoes, Waikiki, Point Panic, Ala Moana Bowls, and Sandy Beach.

Bishop Museum  The premier exhibitor and guardian over the natural and cultural history of Hawai'i and many Pacific Islands.

Nu'uanu Pali Lookout  Site where King Kamehameha defeated O'ahu Chief Kalanikupuli in 1805 by forcing the opponents off this cliff, in his quest to unite the Hawaiian Islands.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving  O'ahu offers great snorkeling with diverse sea life in many locations including Hanauma Bay State Underwater Park.  Details of O'ahu's numerous snorkeling and scuba diving spots are found on Franko's Dive Map of O'ahu.

Tropical Farms  Visit O'ahu's only macadamia nut farm outlet.  Enjoy true Hawaiian hospitality in a tropical setting overlooking an 800 year-old fishpond. Kualoa Ranch  A real working cattle ranch with a restaurant, horseback riding, ATV's, gardens, lush scenery, and movie sets.

Golfing O'ahu  O'ahu has a long list of excellent championship and municipal golf courses.  For details, phone numbers, and locations of golf courses, see Franko's Guide Map of O'ahu.

Dole Plantation  Country store with delicious Dole products and Hawaiian souvenirs, plus the "World's Largest Maze", and a train ride through pineapple gardens.

Polynesian Cultural Center Genuine Hawaiian luau with Polynesian show.  Authentic Polynesian villages from Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, The Marquesas, New Zealand and Hawai'i.  This is one of Hawaii's top attractions.

Mormon Hawai'i Temple  Beautiful garden grounds surrounds this white coral stone temple.  Visitor center features breathtaking replica of "The Christus" statue.


Maui  The Valley Isle

Ka'anapali to Kapalua Beaches  Kapalua Beach, Fleming Beach and Ka'anapali Beach are some of the world's best and most beautiful beaches.  Sunning,  snorkeling, and sunset strolls.   

Lahaina Town  Historic sites, galleries, shopping, entertainment.

Whalers Village  Hawaiian shopping center with great restaurants and a whaling museum.

Lahaina Roadstead  Sheltered offshore anchorage for cruise ships and visiting

yacths.  Visitors ride launches into Lahaina Town.

Lahaina Harbor Snorkeling, scuba, sailing, fishing, and submarine tours. 

Olowalu  Maui’s top shore dive.  This site is also visited by Lana’i snorkeling excursions.

Whale Watching  Humpback whales arrive in November and stay through April. 

Snorkeling The number 1 activity on Maui is snorkeling.  Maui’s best snorkeling beaches include Olowalu, Fleming Beach, Kapalua Beach, Black Rock, Ka'anapali Beach, Kamaole 3 Beach Park, Ulua Beach, Ahihi Cove, and La Perouse Bay.  Snorkeling tours to Molokini and Lana'i are fabulous.  For details of all of Maui's great snorkeling and diving, refer to Franko's Dive Map of Maui.

Diving Molokini  This marine life park is one of Hawaii’s top scuba and snorkeling spots.  Visibility often exceeds 200 feet.  This is one of the world's most popular snorkeling tour sites.

Pacific Whale Foundation  Ocean science & Discovery Center.

Maui Ocean Center  "The Hawaiian Aquarium".

Ma'alaea Boat Harbor  Whale watching tours, snorkeling trips, ocean activities.

Golfing  Maui is prized amongst amateur and pro golfers as a superb destination.  For details of where to golf, see Franko's Guide Map of Maui.

Pools of ‘Ohe’o  Also named the "Seven Sacred Pools".  This is a scenic and fun stop before turning around and driving back on the Hana Highway or before continuing on via the narrow and dusty Pi’ilani Highway. 

Hana  The destination of the famous Road to Hana is the most isolated town in Hawai'i.  It's location gives Hana a true, old-Hawai'i feel.

Pi'ilanihale Heiau  Hawaii's largest ancient temple dates to the 1400's.  It sits within a tropical botanical garden called Kahanu Garden.  Well worth the price of admission. 

Ko’olau Forest Reserve This thick rainforest gets 70 inches of rain per year along the coast and up to 300 inches a year in the mountains.

The Road To Hana is also called "the world's most beautiful drive".  This is a very long, curvy road with many stops to enjoy the fabulous natural Hawaiian scenery. It takes all day to go both ways.   Your destinations are Hana and the Pools of 'Ohe'o.

Ho’okipa Beach Park  offers a great place to watch "the windsurfing capital of the world" from its grassy bluffs. 

Paia  This historic sugarmill town is the start of The Road to Hana. 

Kahului Harbor  Maui's cruise ship terminal is located at Kahului Town, the commercial center of Maui, with shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment. ‘Iao Valley  This steep and beautiful valley is the home of Maui's famous 'Iao Needle.  Good hiking even though it rains almost daily.

Kahekili Highway  Narrow road goes through Maui's secluded old Hawaiian village of Kahakuloa.

Haleakala Downhill  Coast 37 mi. from 10,000 feet to sea level.

Haleakala National Park  10,023-foot dormant volcano.  Caldera is 3,000 feet deep, 7 ½ miles long by 2 ½ miles wide.  Surfing Maui  Maui’s has excellent surfing. For details of dozens of surf spots, see Franko's Dive Map of Maui.


Hawai’i  The Big Island

Pu'ukohola Heiau  Temple built by Kamehameha I in 1791, after a priest predicted the king would unify the islands.  The phophesy was fulfilled in 1810.  Pu'ukohola means "whale hill".

Hapuna Beach  This is known as the best beach on the Big Island.  Great swimming, superb body-boarding when surf is up, and spectacular sunsets.

Kohala Coast Petroglyphs  There are thousands of ancient petroglyphs at Puako Petroglyph Archaeological District by the Mauna Lani Resort, and at Kaupulehu Petroglyphs in Kona Village Resort.

Ancient Hawaiian Fish Ponds  Polynesian aquaculturists built shoreline ponds to harvest fish.  There are excellent examples at the Marriott Waikoloa Hotel.

Manta Rays Night Dive  One of the best diving experiences in the world is diving at night to see graceful manta rays, which feed on delicious plankton attracted like moths to divers' bright underwater flashlights. 

Kailua-Kona Town  The major cruise ship destination and tourist center of the Big Island is blessed with warm, dry weather, thanks to the mountains holding back the moisture-laden tradewinds.  Lots of great shopping, restaurants, and hotels.

Kailua-Kona Big Game Fishing  Kailua-Kona is known as the marlin capital of the world.  The Kona Coast has big-game fishing at its best.  The catch might include blue marlin, mahimahi, sailfish, tuna, swordfish, ono (wahoo), and ulua (giant trevally). 

Kealakekua Bay Underwater Park   Sandy beach entry for easy snorkeling or scuba diving within a large bay.  Snorkeling excursions bring boatloads of snorkelers to see a fabulous diversity of colorful corals, sponges, and tropical fishes.  Green sea turtles, manta rays and large baracuda cruise this area.  This is a common paddling area for those who love ocean kayaks.  The Captain Cook Monument is at north end of Kealakekua Bay.  This is the site where Capt. Cook

was killed by Hawaiians in 1779.

Place Of Refuge Historically, Pu'uhonua o Honaunau was a place of refuge for defeated warriors or people accused of breaking a Kapu (Hawaiian law).  It is one of The Big Island's favorite visitor sites.  Offshore, this is the most diverse, accessible, and excellent shore dive site on Hawai'i.  The array of fish species is  fantastic.  When visiting,  please do so with reverence, because this place is sacred.

Hawai'i Diving  There are famous dive sites with boat moorings along the Kona, Kohala and Kawaihae Coasts.  The leeward side of the Big Island, has great diving all year.  There are many dive operators to take you diving.  Night diving to see manta rays is one of the best scuba experiences ever.  There is also good diving on the Hilo side, where a diver can find dozens of green sea turtles.  Details of these extraordinary dive sites can be found in Franko's Dive Map of Hawai'i.

Golfing The Big Island  Hawai'i has many world class golf resorts, particularly

in the Kohala Coast area.  For details of where to golf, see Franko's Guide Map

of Hawai'i, The Big Island.

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park  Lava from Kilauea's Pu'u O'o vent flows to the ocean, and has formed more than one square mile of new land since 1983.  Steam rises and sometimes sputters out of hundreds of vents on the Kilauea caldera, in a still-cooling lava field.  Other amazing sights include the Thurston Lava Tube, Devastation Trail, and the fuming Halemaumau Crater   In addition to the weird new landscapes formed by the long-erupting volcano, this park has hiking trails, rain forests, camping, an old historic lodge, the Kilauea visitor center, and ancient petroglyphs.  The most dramatic view of Kilauea's erupting caldera is from the air. 

Black Sands Beach  Besides the fine volcanic sand at Black Sands Beach (Punalu'u Beach Park),there are tall, graceful coconut palms, a freshwater estuary, and hawksbill turtles grazing on the algae along the offshore rocks.

Liliuokalani Gardens  Largest formal Japanese garden this side of Tokyo.  Bonzai trees, carp ponds and pagodas.

Hilo  Hawaii's second largest city fans out in all directions around Hilo Bay.  Hilo is a major cruise ship port of entry, and boasts an international airport.  There are great hotels, shopping and restaurants on Banyan Drive fronting Hilo Bay.  Tall mountains and tradewinds create lush, green tropical rainforest weather. 

Rainbow Falls  One of the Big Island's best waterfalls has a cave behind the falls and a rainbow in the morning.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens  Situated between the crashing surf and a thundering waterfall is the world's largest collection of tropical plants, grown in a natural Eden-like environment.

Akaka Falls  This beautiful 442 feet (114m) tall rain forest waterfall is viewed from a scenic foot path. 

Waipi'o Valley  Enjoy the incredible view of this lush, isolated valley from the Waipio Valley lookout at the end of a road beginning in Honoka'a.  Once the home of thousands, now only a few dozen inhabitants tend their gardens, fish the bay and live in the old Hawaiian way.

Onizuka Center for International Astronomy  Mid-level observatory and Visitor Information Station  El. 9200' (2803m)  Observatories  Telescopes from 11 countries including the world's largest, the Keck Telescope, peer into deep space from this mountain top.

Parker Ranch  Once the world's largest cattle ranch, is where the paniolo (cowboy) tradition began in 1809.  Enjoy  a museum, visitor center and tours.

Photo by Douglas Peebles and Franko:

Lava Flows from Pu'u O'o

Kona Coast Graffiti

Photo by Douglas Peebles

Photo by Franko

Waikiki on a Winter's Day

Lahaina Harbor

Waimea Surfing

Hanauma Bay


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