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Franko's Kaua'i Guide Map

Printed on waterproof, rip-proof plastic. Available folded or flat laminated (like a placemat)

Map size: 14" x 21"

FM-KGF (Folded $6.00) ISBN 1-931494-92-4
FM-KGL (Laminated $10.00) ISBN 1-931494-93-2

Franko's Guide Map of Kauai

Franko's Guide Map of Kauai, With Things to See and Do is a guide and a map of the island of Kauai. Side one features the entire island of Kauai. Side two features many close-ups of places in Kauai. The guide map contains loads of information telling you what there is to see and do all over Kauai.


Side one shows the entire island of Kauai. The beautiful 3D island is characteristic of Franko's Maps. The written descriptions will guide you in your visit to Kauai.

SNORKELING Almost everyone who comes to Kauai goes snorkeling. The North Shore's best is in the Tunnels to Ke'e Beach area, the South Shore is best either at Po'ipu or Lawai, and the Na Pali side is good anywhere your tour may take you. The East Side faces the tradewinds and is therefore not as good. Na Pali tours sometimes take in a stop at Ni'ihau and Lehua, where snorkelers plunge into remote and pristine waters.

SCUBA DIVING Kauai is a world-class dive destination, and thus there is a need for a separate map - Franko's Dive Map of Kauai, which is devoted to describing the island's numerous dive sites. The North Shore and South Shore have fabulous diving, but the best adventure may be to the channel between the islet of Lehua and Ni'ihau.

HAWAII MOVIE TOURS See where the movies and television shows were filmed on Kauai, supplemented by video clips of the location shots in an air conditioned 16-passenger van (800) 628-8432 or (808) 822-1192.

TOUR KAUAI FROM A HELICOPTER Watching the Kauai scenery from above is so beautiful that it is a spiritual experience. You will see spectacular canyons, razor cliffs, green mountains, waterfalls pouring down the face of Wai'ale'ale, the fluted cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, and the descending hues of ocean blues meeting with golden beaches. This is some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see. Every tour, every day is different as Kauai's dynamic weather is the ultimate deciding factor in your tour route. There are too few words in any language to describe Kauai's beauty from above. Flights depart from Lihue's heliport as well as from the Princeville airport. Numerous operators offer well-publicized tours.

BIKING The Poipu area has wide, flat roads and dirt-cane roads, especially around Mahaulepu. You can ride the cane road to Makawehi Bluff and Ha'ula Beach. On the east shore there are cane roads to ride between Kealia Beach and Anahola, north of Kapa'a. Some folks take a 12-mile downhill ride from Waimea Canyon to the Pacific Ocean early in the morning from a tour operator, such as Outfitters Kauai (808) 742-9667. From Hanalei experienced riders take their rental bikes out to Ke'e Beach and back. Experienced mountain bikers head up the Powowerline Trail.

HORSEBACK RIDING Only in Kauai can you ride a horse across the wide-open pastures of a working ranch under volcanic peaks and rein up near a waterfall pool. Stables for horseback riding are: CJM Country Stables, 2 miles beyond the Hyatt Regency Kauai, (808) 742-6096; on the North Shore, the Princeville Ranch Stables off Highway 56 just after the Princeville Airport (808) 826-6777; and at Silver Falls Ranch near Kilauea (808) 828-6718.

HIKING: For information on Kauai's hiking trails call the State Division of Parks (808) 274-3446, the State Division of Forestry and Wildlife (808) 274-3077, or Kauai County Parks and Recreation (808) 241-6670. Be sure to check out the weather as rivers and streams can quickly overflow, causing flash flooding. If you're hiking, avoid dry streambeds, which flood quickly and wash out to sea. Check the weather forecast at (808) 245-6001. The Sierra Club at (808) 246-8748 offers several hikes every month, varying from an easy family moonlit beach hike to a moderate hike in the mountains, or an 8-mile-plus trek for serious hikers only.

LEARN TO SURF! Small classes and professional instructions. For Poipu's ideal beginner waves call Margo Oberg's Surfing School at (808) 332-8119, or Nukamoi Surf Co. (808) 742-8119, or Kauai Surf School (808) 742-8019. In Kapa'a call Play Dirty (808) 823-9113, or Learn to Surf (808) 826-7612. On the North Shore call Hanalei Surf School at (808) 826-9286. Kauai also has its share of great surf spots for experienced surfers and bodyboarders.

SPORT FISHING Kauai offers superb sport fishing with half and full-day private and share charters, mostly out of Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor. Call Wild Bill at (808) 822-5965, Lahela (808) 245-36-44, Capt. Don (808) 639-3012, True Blue (808) 246-6333, Breakaway (808) 635,9456, or Hawaiian Style, out of Kapa'a at (808) 635-7335.

ATV TOURS Visit some of Kauai's remote back country on private access roads to hidden valleys, ranches, hunting grounds, water falls, cane haul roads, and swimming holes. Call Kipu Ranch Adventure (808) 246-9288, Kauai Backcountry Adventure (808) 245-2506, Gay Robinson Tours (808) 335-2824 or Kauai ATV (808) 742-2734.

ANAHOLA STREAM Great views of "King Kong Mountain" (Anahola Mountain is familiar from the 1978 movie) are enjoyed by kayakers as they fish or birdwatch while paddling
up this peaceful stream.

NA AINA KAI BOTANICAL GARDENS Magical 240 acres of gardens, sprinkled with 70+ life-size whimsical bronze statues. Kids love the gecko hedge maze, a tropical jungle gym, a treehouse in a rubber tree, and a 16-foot tall Jack and the Beanstalk Giant with a 33-foot wading pool below.

BIRDING Kauai provides some of Hawaii's last sanctuaries for endangered native birds and oceanic birds. Koke'e State Park, a 4,345-acre wilderness forest at the end of
Highway 550, is home to many of Hawaii's endangered native birds. The Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, is a 200-acre headland habitat that juts above the surf and
includes cliffs, two rocky wave-lashed bays, and a tiny islet that serves as a jumping-off spot for seabirds at the northernmost point of Kauai. Hanalei Valley is home to
Hawaii's endangered Koloa duck, plus gallinule, coot, and stilt. The Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge also provides safe habitat for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl. It is not open to the public, but the interpretive Hanalei Valley Lookout along Highway 56 serves as an impressive vantage point.

NA PALI COAST There are four ways to see the Na Pali Coast, which is amongst the world's most spectacular and rugged coastlines:
First is an arduous but unforgetable hike on the Kalalau Trail (see details on side 2 of map);
Second is via a relaxing boat cruise out of Port Allen, Hanalei, or Waimea;
Third is by helicopter, for one of the best rides of your life; and
Fourth is via a very demanding kayak tour, in which you will become very acquainted with the fabulous scenery. Words are inadequate to describe the beauty of the Na Pali Coast.

NA PALI COAST STATE PARK Established in 1984, Na Pali Coast State Park includes a 22-mile coastline of beaches, valleys, waterfalls, and 4,000 foot-high cliffs that wrap around the northwestern shore of Kauai between Ke'e Beach and Polihale State Park. Volcanic in origin, carved by wind and sea, the cliffs ("na pali" in Hawaiian), which heaved out of the ocean floor 5 million years ago, stand as constant reminders of majesty and endurance. There are five major valleys: Hanakapi'ai, Kalalau, Honopu,
Awa'awapuhi, and Nu'alolo. An ancient footpath, the Kalalau Trail, winds through this remote and spectacular 6,500-acre park, ultimately leading to Kalalau Valley.

KALALAU LOOKOUT Beyond Koke'e State Park, almost to the end of Hwy 550, is a viewpoint that is 4,000 feet above sea level. This is one of the most breathtaking and spectacular views in the world. Lush and fluted knife-edged cliffs rise above Kalalau Valley from the beautiful sea along the Na Pali Coast. This is a great spot to listen to the silence and enjoy a picnic.

AWA'AWAPUHI TRAIL This challenging 6 1/2-mile round-trip trail leads to a million-dollar view. Go early before the clouds roll in. The trailhead is left of the parking lot, at mile marker 17 between the museum and Kalalau Lookout. The trail drops 1,600 feet through native forests to a thin precipice at the very edge of the Na Pali cliffs for a
dramatic view of the tropical valleys and blue Pacific 1/2 mile below. The hike back up to the trailhead is all uphill.

State Park Campgrounds (808) 274-3444:
Polihale State Park
Miloli'i State Park
Kalalau State Park
County Park Campgrounds (808) 241-6660:
Ha'ena Beach Co. Park
Hanalei (Black Pot Beach) Co. Park
Anini Beach Co. Park
Hanama'ulu Beach Co. Park
Niumalu Beach Co. Park

KOKE'E STATE PARK This wonderful 4,345 acre rain forest park, at 3,600 ft.+ elevation, is full of native plants (mokihana berry, ohia lehua tree, and iliau) and imports (Australia's eucalyptus and California's coastal redwood), along with pigs, goats, and deer. The rain forest and breathtaking views of the Na Pali coastline and Waimea Canyon will make the drive worthwhile. This is the place for hiking amongst the 45 miles of maintained trails, which are some of the best hikes in Hawaii. See side 2 for a zoom-in view of Koke'e State Park and its trails.

KOKE'E NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Visit well-designed displays of the flora, fauna, natural history, and artifacts of Hawaii and the Koke'e area. Open 10am to 4pm daily. (808) 325-9975 Official trail maps of all the park's trails are for sale at the museum store.

BEYOND POLIHALE This is the official beginning of the Na Pali Coast State Park and beaches beyond Polihale are accessible only by boat. Tourists often stop to snorkel, see the beaches, and explore ancient Hawaiian stone structures found in these State Parks.

THE ULTIMATE SUNSET The westernmost beach in Kauai is at Polihale State Park, the perfect place to watch the sun sink into the Pacific. Queen's Pond at Polihale has restrooms, showers, picnic tables, pavilions and camp sites, plus is a safe swim spot. Barking Sands is named for the noise the sand makes sliding underfoot.

NA PALI COAST CRUISE Sailing along the steep and majestic Na Pali Coast is a stunning experience whether it is done via a modern catamaran, motorized inflatable raft, cabin cruiser, or sail boat. The adventure is typically undertaken out of Port
Allen on the south end of Kauai, Hanalei Bay on Kauai's North Shore, or from Waimea. As you cruise you will likely see spinner dolphins showing off, and you'll snorkel amongst
a rich variety of tropical fishes in secluded crystal waters. Your tour boat will also find secluded beaches and canyons where ancient Hawaiians once thrived. You can pull up to
waterfalls cascading into the blue acean, peer into sea caves, and look up, up, up at the towering, eroded cliffs that ascend nearly vertically into the clouds. You will never forget an amazing cruise along the breathtaking Na Pali Coast. Numerous operators offer well-publicized tours.

WAIMEA CANYON Described by Mark Twain as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” it is one mile wide, 3,567 feet deep, and about 12 miles long. One of Hawaii's most impressive natural wonders, the canyon was created by water forces flowing down off of meeting Wai'ale'ale, the wettest place on earth. Canyon views are available from several well-marked lookouts along Waimea Canyon Drive (Hwy 550) from Waimea town. The alternative route of Koke'e Road (Hwy 552) begins in Kekaha. Waimea Caynyon, Koke'e, and Kalalau Lookout are "must see" destinations for any visitor to Kauai.

MENEHUNE DITCH According to legend this ancient irrigation ditch was built in just one night by the Menehune to bring water from the Waimea River to the taro patches in Waimea village. Go 1.3 mi. up Menehune Rd. in Waimea (just before the 23-mile marker) to see an impressive section of this ancient ditch.

CAPT. COOK LANDING SITE A roadside monument at Hofgaard Park in Waimea commemorates the the landing, which actually took place at Lucy Wright Beach Park. The offshore at Capt. Cook's landing site is also a good kayak spot, especially if you are into birdwatching or fishing.

WEST KAUAI TECHNOLOGY & VISITOR'S CENTER This museum explores Hawaiian technology in navigation, irrigation, and agriculture from ancient times to present. (808) 338-1332.

RUSSIAN FORT ELIZABETH STATE HISTORICAL PARK In 1815 a Russian doctor and agent for the Russian Fur Company of Alaska built this fort in attempt to gain control of Hawaii for Russia. It was named for the wife of Russia's Czar Alexander I. However, Hawaii's King Kamehameha II managed to toss the Russians off the island just thereafter. A self-guided walking tour guide is available at the Waimea Public Library at Kaumualii Highway (808) 338-6848.

GAY & ROBINSON SUGAR PLANTATION Founded in 1889, visit Kauai's only remaining and most successful sugar plantation. The Visitor Center has a museum and offers tours of their field and factory operations. Learn about the history of the plantation, sugar processing in Hawaii, and Kauai's astounding irrigation system (808) 335-2824. Ask about the Robinson Family Adventures, especially the Mountain Pool ATV Tour!

SOUTH SHORE SCUBA DIVING More than a dozen fabulous dive spots are between Po'ipu and Salt Pond. They include General Store, Turtle Bluffs, Beach House, Fast Lanes, Koloa Landing, Sheraton Caverns, Brennecke's Ledge, and Po'ipu Beach Park. These and all of Kauai's great diving are detailed in Franko's Dive Map of Kauai.

HANAPEPE TOWN Enjoy a walk along the main street of Hanapepe town, also
known as "Kauai's Biggest Little Town." Walk on Kauai's longest suspension bridge,
kayak on the Hanapepe River, see historic buildings and discover the art capital of
Kauai. Enjoy Hanapepe Art Night on Fridays from 6pm to 9pm. Free town maps
available in most Hanapepe stores and galleries.

SALT POND BEACH PARK Hawaiians have made salt in this lava rock barrier salt pond since the 1700's. Facilities include picnic tables and camping. This is a favorite beach among local families.

PORT ALLEN From this port many of Kauai Na Pali Coast tours disembark. Turn makai (seaward) from the main highway at Waialo Rd. right at the Ele'ele shopping center (you'll see a McDonald's there).

HANAPEPE VALLEY LOOKOUT Be sure to pull over to enjoy the view of the Hanapepe Valley at the Hwy. 50 roadside lookout just before reaching Hanapepe.

KAUAI COFFEE COMPANY Visit Hawaii's largest coffee grower, a 3,400-acre estate
on Hwy 540. Free coffee tasting, a great gift shop, and the Kauai Coffee Museum (808) 335-0813.

REAL DIRT SHIRTS FACTORY OUTLET Visit the factory and buy a shirt dyed with
genuine red volcanic soil from Kauai. On Hwy. 50 across the street from the Fire Station in Kalaheo.

KAYAK TOURS Kauai's rivers, bays, and ocean offer kayaking from novice to expert. Outfitters Kauai has a Hanalei River paddle, an epic Na Pali Coast 16-mile tour, or a mellow day up the Wailua River through calm jungle waters (808) 742-9667. Other operators include: Kayak Hanalei, (808) 826-1881; Ali'i Kayak Tours (808) 241-7700; Island Adventure (808) 246-6333; Waialua Kayak Adventure (808) 822-5795, and Paradise Kayaks (808) 822-0016.

MAKAWEHI BLUFF to HA'ULA BEACH Just beyond the Hyatt Regency is a hike past Shipwreck Beach to Makawehi Bluff, where you'll go over sand dunes, past coves frequented by green sea turtles and Hawaiian monk seals, through a coastal pine (ironwood) forest, and past World War II bunkers to the very top, for a view of the Ha'upu Ridge, Maha'ulepu Beach, and Pu'u Huni Huni, the last volcano to erupt on Kauai (500,000 years ago). Is is also accessible via bumpy cane haul roads beyond the end of Po'ipu Road. You can also walk to Kawailoa Bay, a crescent of sand called Gillen's Beach, and on to Ha'ula Beach, with its deeply undercut coralline (petrified coral).

WATCHING FOR WHALES Mahaulepu Beach is one of the best places to spot the visiting humpback whales as they cruise by or splash and play from December through April. Beach parking at end of unpaved road.

Princeville Resort:
The Makai Course (808) 826-3580
The Prince Course (808) 826 5000
Kauai Lagoons: (800) 634-6400 (Lihue)
Mokihana Golf Course (808) 241-6000
Kiele Course (808) 241-6000
Puakea: (866) 773-5554 or (808) 245-8756 (Lihue)
Poipu Bay: (808) 742-9489 (at Poipu)
Kiahuna Golf Club: (808) 742-9595 (Poipu)
Wailua Municipal Golf Course: (808) 241-6666 (Wailua)
Kukuiolono Golf Course: 9 holes (808) 332-9151 (at Kalaheo)


Side two of Franko's Guide Map of Kauai shows close-ups of Kauai's North Shore, East Shore, South Shore, and the Na Pali Coast & Koke'e Hiking. Also featured is a map showing Kauai and the island of Ni'ihau, with information about Ni'ihau.


TUNNELS REEF Beginner scuba dive site to 65' deep. Excellent snorkeling and diving in summer, surfing in winter. Underwater features many lava tubes and tunnels, full of tropical fish and turtles.

HA'ENA BEACH PARK Camping on grass above the beach. Access to Tunnels and Ke'e Beach.

KE'E BEACH Excellent snorkeling within protective reef, but CAUTION!, a strong
and dangerous current sweeps alongshore on the outside of the reef.

HANALEI PIER When it was built in 1910, this was the major shipping port for local farmers. Today's rebuilt pier is used for fishing, swimming, diving, and contemplating the rainbows on days when bands of rain showers zip by in the trade winds. At the base of the pier lies Black Pot Beach, named after the families who spent their summers camping here and always had something cooking in a “black pot” on the shore.

HANALEI BAY This gorgeous, classic crescent-shaped bay includes four sections
of beach: Black Pot Beach; Hanalei Pavilion Park, which includes the pier; Wai'oli Beach
Park; and Waikoko Beach.

LUMAHA'I BEACH This is the famous romantic "Nurses Beach” from the movie "South
Pacific", Kauai's most recognized and photographed beach scene. However, swimming here in high surf conditions is extremely dangerous.

LIMAHULI GARDEN Part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden. Ocean view and self-guided tour.

VISIT NA PALI COST FROM HANALEI For a powered catamaran ride from the
Hanalei River,contact Na Pali Coast Hanalei at (808) 826-6114, or sail with Capt. Bob's
Na Pali Sea Tours (808) 626-5585.

HANALEI VALLEY LOOKOUT Magical view of Hanalei Valley, taro farms, river, bridge,
waterfalls, and majestic mountains.

HANALEI BRIDGE 1912, truss steel, one-lane bridge is on the National Registry of Historic Landmarks. Expect to stop for oncoming traffic.

WAI'OLI MISSION HOME Built in 1834 for some of Hawaii's first missionaries. Open to visitors.

ANINI BEACH Shallow, beginner snorkeling inside of a large barrier reef. Perfect spot for windsurfers and kitesurfers to fly across the flat waters. Rentals available
on site. Park facilities, camping, and picnics. Good place for children. Caution: Not advisable to swim or dive during winter's heavy surf.

HANALEI RIVER Jungle river cruise for paddlers. Go from Hanalei Bay to the wildlife refuge and taro farms. This river can get very full after a good rain up on Wai'ale'ale.

KILAUEA LIGHTHOUSE This site is a protected home for nesting and resting seabirds and Hawaii's state bird, the Nene. The refuge is one of Kauai's best-known attractions.

GUAVA KAI PLANTATION Delicious, free guava juice, yummy souvenirs and gifts, plus a walk around the country's largest guava plantation. Visit the orchards to see how guavas are processed. (808) 828-6121.


THE SLEEPING GIANT TRAIL Hardy hike up Nonou Mountain to a fabulous view. 1,000 feet gain in altitude on a clearly marked trail (stay on the trail!). Picnic table and shelter at top. Bring water and a camera.

KAPA'A STREAM Big beautiful valley for paddling with great birdwatching and fishing.

HAWAIIAN LUAU Kauai has a commercial luau with entertainment every day of the
week except Saturday. Gaylord's Luau at Kilohana near Lihue is on Tuesday and Thursday (808) 245-9593. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday visitors can enjoy Smith's Luau and Internat'l Pageant at Wailua Marina State Park at 5pm. (808) 821-6895. On Thursday and Sunday at 5:45pm there is Drums of Paradise Luau at the Hyatt Regency Kauai (808) 240-6456 in Poipu. The Paina O Hanalei Luau is held Monday and Thursday eve at the Princeville Hotel (808) 826-2788. Finally, the Kauai Aloha Luau is held on Tuesday at the Aloha Beach Resort and Sunday at the Raddisson Kauai Beach Resort (808) 335-5828. Always call in advance for reservations.

KAUAI CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY MUSEUM Take the kids to this magical place filled with things to do, from playing with Hawaiian musical instruments to participating in virtual reality television, to hiding out in a “magic tree house”. There are Keiki Camps (Children Camps), where you can leave the kids all day and they will take them on local outings while you do adult things. Located at Kauai Village. (808) 823-8222

WAIPOULI BEACH WALK PATH Walkers and joggers enjoy the windward side of Kauai
along this long oceanfront path of the Coconut Coast. However, the waters here are considered dangerous.

HULA SHOW Free hula shows every Wednesday at The Coconut Marketplace at 5pm. The hour-long performances of both kahiko (ancient) and auwana (modern) hula, plus darling keiki (children) who perform. Don't forget your camera!

WAILUA RIVER KAYAK AND HIKE Paddle a rented kayak to Fern Grotto and then
hike to Wailua Falls.

WAILUA RIVER WATERSKIING Contact Kauai Water Ski and Surf Company at (808) 822-3574.

SMITH'S TROPICAL PARADISE Wailua River boat tours to Fern Grotto and a great lu'au and cultural pageant in Smith's lush tropical garden on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. (808) 821-6895

PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS The Kamalani Playground in Lydgate State Park is the most amazing place for kids, with a maze of jungle gyms, an array of slides, and plenty of caves. Kids can spend hours exploring and playing.

LYDGATE STATE PARK This wonderful family beach and park has a huge pavillion, lots of trees, grassy fields for ball games, and the beach has a nice swimming and snorkeling area protected from waves by a rock structure.

This river is fed by 5,148-foot Mount Waiale'ale, the rainiest spot on earth. Seven ancient Hawaiian Heiau's (temples) once stood along the river. To see these ancient sites you can boat or kayak up the river or drive Kuamo'o Road (Hwy. 580), which goes past the historical sites to Opaekaa Falls and Keahua Arboretum, a State Division of Forestry project to reforest the watershed with native plants.

KAMOKILA HAWAIIAN VILLAGE Enter a driveway near the Opaeka'a Falls Lookout on Kaumo'o Rd. (Hwy. 580) to visit a recreated Hawaiian Village on the Wailua River. There are canoe rides, hiking, swimming and cultural activities. (808) 338-1332

FERN GROTTO The best way to see this attraction is via the Wailua River on either Smith's Motor Boats (808) 821-6895, or Waialeale Boat Tours (808) 822-4908 on their 90-minute, 2 _-mile, motorized 150-passenger boat to a natural cave amphitheater filled with ferns.

TUBING Float down old irrigation flumes and ditches from the former sugar cane plantations in this easy water sport. Contact Kauai Backcountry Adventures at (808) 245-2506. They'll outfit you with a giant tube, gloves and headlamp for the long tunnels. Relax on the water and let the gentle gravity-fed flow carry you through forests, into tunnels and finally to a mountain swimming hole and picnic lunch.

AHUKINI LANDING Visit deserted Ahukini Landing, Kauai's original deep water port at Hanamalu Bay. From here you can see an unusual view of the island, including several of Kauai's major mountains. Seldom visited by tourists. Turn right after leaving the airport and go past the heliports.

HELIPORT This is the most common departure location for Kauai's popular helicopter tours. Just go Makai (seaward) on Ahukini Rd. (Hwy. 570). Stay left and avoid the airport circle.

KAUAI MUSEUM Although this Greco-Roman building seems small it has lots of artifacts and information. The museum traces Kauai's history from the beginning of time through Capt. James Cook's “discovering” Kauai in 1778, plus the monarchy period, the plantation era, and the present. Great museum gift shop. (808) 245-6931

KILOHANA Glimpse Kauai's past at this Tudor mansion plantation home of the Wilcox family. The restored 1935 building is now home to Gaylord's Restaurant and interesting shops and galleries. Exotic gardens have 100-year-old cottages. Located just outside of Lihue on Hwy. 50 heading west.

GROVE FARM HOMESTEAD MUSEUM For a step back in history to around 1860, this sugar plantation home gives you a peek at life during this era. Located at 4050 Nawiliwili Rd. (2 miles up Hwy. 58), Lihue. (808) 245-3202

KALAPAKI BEACH Busy beach for locals, who also hang out at Nawiliwili Beach Park on the west side of the breakwall, for the Marriott guests, and for the cruise ship visitors who come in for just a few hours to catch some Kauai sunshine. Surfing on the west side of the bay.

NININI BEACH This beach is not visited much because it is out of the way. A beach access sign and parking lot is on the road across from the Kiele Golf Course. A small path leads to the beach.

SHAVE ICE Experience Kauai's local treat, similar to a snow cone, but the secret is in the fine “shaved ice” which is put into a paper cone and topped with a tropical-flavored syrup (try something exotic).

NAWILIWILI HARBOR This is the cruise ship destination for Kauai. Visitors disembark to enjoy good restaurants, great shopping, and Kalapaki Beach at the Anchor Cove Shopping Center, all within walking distance. While you are shopping buy a copy of Franko's Map of The Hawaiian Islands. This fabulous map of Franko's favorite places shows details of all of the cruise ship destinations in the State of Hawaii, including Kauai, O'ahu, Maui and Hawaii, The Big Island.

MENEHUNE FISH POND According to legend, among Kauai's earliest settlers were the
Menehune, a race of small people who worked at night and performed superhuman feats.
Located at Niumalu above Nawiliwili Harbor, the Menehune Fish Pond is said to have been built in just 1 night, with two rows of thousands of Menehune passing stones hand to hand. Kayakers paddle up Hule'ia Stream into the Hule'ia Nat'l Wildlife Refuge to see it up close.


ALLERTON GARDEN & McBRYDE GARDEN of the THE NATIONAL TROPICAL BOTANICAL GARDEN This is a fantastic collection of rare and endangered plants, plus extraordinary tropical fruit trees, and hundreds of varieties of flowers on the 186-acre Lawai Gardens. Next door is the 1860s royal home of Queen Emma, with formal gardens, fountains, streams, waterfalls, and European statuary. The Visitor Center is across the street from Spouting Horn, (808) 742-2623.

OLD KOLOA TOWN Visit the Koloa History Center located in the Koloa Town Mall to
see artifacts from the early plantation days of Kauai's first successful sugar plantation,
built here in 1835. Pick up a 14 site Koloa Heritage Trail Map for highlights of the
culture and history of the Koloa District.

SPOUTING HORN Big waves funnel through a lava tube and blast out, creating a huge whale-spout with a distinct moaning sound. Hawaiian legend is that this moan is "Mo'o", a huge people-eating female lizard, who was chased into the hole by "Liko", a fisherman who speared Mo'o in the mouth to save himself. The moaning is Mo'o's cry.

KOLOPA BEACH Swimming, snorkeling and surfing. Lots of turtles hang out in front of Kuhio Shores.

KOLOA LANDING Excellent, easy shore dive access for beginners in depths to 55'. Great advanced snorkeling. Tame fish and moray eels looking to be fed. This is a
common scuba intro dive site for classes with facilities.

SOUTH SHORE DIVING There are many superb diving and snorkeling sites on Kauai's South Shore. Refer to Franko's Dive Map of Kauai for complete details. Available at any dive shop on the island.

BRENNECKES BEACH Bodysurfing and boogie boarding.

PO'IPU BEACH PARK Kauai's best beach, and one of the world's best kid's beaches. Sunning, picnicking, playing, or snorkeling. Usually calm and clear, but exposed to south swells.

SHERATON CAVERNS Top boat scuba site around Kauai. Dive 30' - 65' depth on three lava tubes and a wall with coral formations. It is almost always calm and clear.


THE KALALAU TRAIL: The only land access to the unbelievably beautiful Na Pali Coast is the challenging, 11-mile-long Kalalau Trail. From Ke'e Beach to Hanakapi'ai Beach is 2 miles, and is a good day hike. An additional 2 miles of hiking leads up the valley to the 120' Hanakapi'ai Falls, which plunges out of the Pali and into a large pool. 5 miles further along is Hanakoa Valley Park, and 4 miles beyond that is the Kalalau Valley. From there hikers trek into the Kalalau Valley via a 2-mile trail, but it is not possible to climb up and out of the valley. Overnight camping is allowed only by permit. Hefty fines for infractions. Call DLNR State Div. of Parks at (808) 274-3444 for info. Be prepared! You must pack out whatever you pack in. Adventurous kayakers paddle from Ke'e Beach to Kalalau Beach. Backpackers enjoy primitive camping at the sites shown.
This is a seasonal route, usually hiked in the summer. Winter waves are often huge, making the beaches and waters extremely dangerous. Hikers should bring water, as wild goats and pigs foul the streams.

KALALAU LOOKOUT This is one of the most breathtaking and spectacular views in the entire Pacific. Lush and fluted knife-edged cliffs rise above Kalalau Valley from the sea along the Na Pali Coast. Note: Climbing up or down the cliffs (pali) between Koke'e State Park and the Kalalau Valley is absolutely impossible due to vertical, loose pali.

ALAKAI SWAMP TRAIL Experience Hawaii's rare birds and plants along a boardwalk trail above the swampy muck. This 7-mile round trip hike has stupendous views, but the clouds usually roll in with rain every afternoon. The trail head is off Mohihi Road near the Alakai Picnic Area.

KOKE'E LODGE 12 inexpensive cabins and a terrific restaurant for breakfast and lunch.
Try the cornbread and the Portuguese bean soup! The gift shop has a great selection of
cards and Real Dirt Shirts, made with Kauai's rich volcanic red dirt. (808) 335-6061

HIKE TO WAIPO'O FALLS Long hike to a two-tiered, 800-foot falls that thunders into a natural pool. Gorgeous beyond words. Trailhead is 1/4 mi. past the Pu'u Hina Hina lookout.

FRESHWATER FISHING The Pu'u Lua Reservoir has rainbow trout and is stocked by the state. However, trout fishing season is just 16 days of early August and weekends thru September. Kauai also has freshwater fishing from reservoirs filled with bass. A Freshwater Fishing License is obtained from the Division of Aquatic Resources, (808) 241-3400, or at a fishing supply store.


NI'IHAU VISIT See "The Forbidden Island" with the Robinson family aboard their 7-passenger helicopter. You'll see isolated beaches where you can snorkel, beach comb, and search for rare Ni'ihau shells. Private hunting tours for wild boar and hybrid sheep are available. Call (808) 335-3500. Hawaiian languange and culture are practiced here and thus contact with residents is avoided.

NI'IHAU “The Forbidden Island” is a privately owned island, with a working cattle and sheep ranch where few visitors are allowed. In 1864, after an unusually wet winter, the landscape was verdant green when Eliza Sinclair, a Scottish widow, bought the island from King Kamehameha IV for $10,000. The next year, normal weather returned, and the green pastures withered into sparse semi-desert vegetation. Today, Sinclair's great-great-grandson runs the ranch and protects the privacy of 200 native Hawaiian residents, who live without modern conveniences.


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