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Franko's Molokai Guide Map

Printed on waterproof, rip-proof plastic. Available folded or flat laminated (like a placemat)

Map size: 14" x 21"

FM-MOLGF (Folded $6.00) ISBN
FM-MOLGL (Laminated $10.00) ISBN

Franko's Guide Map of Molokai, The Friendly Isle

Franko's Guide Map of Molokai, The Friendly Isle, With Things to See and Do is exactly as the name implies - a guide and a map of the Molokai all in one! The 3D green shaded relief of Molokai, from its mountainous east end with five great valleys, to its sloping west end, is absolutely emerald beautiful as it sits upon Hawaii's turquoise waters, which is characteristic of Franko's Maps. The descending hues of ocean blues around the island provide space for description of everything you need to know to get the most out of a trip (or a lifetime) on the Friendly Island of Molokai. There is no paid advertising on this map, but it still tells you where to go, what to do, and who can help you by providing a service or adventure. This is Molokai, shown at its true Hawaiian best. When you study this marvelous map of Molokai I guarantee it will cause you to want to be there. You will be motivated into making plans to visit Franko's greatest secret place, Molokai.

This map had been on the drawing board, so to speak, for a very long time, and it is the sixth in a series of Franko guide maps for the Hawaiian Islands. Franko's Guide Map of Molokai adds to the ever-growing list of Franko products for the Hawaiian islands. The other guide maps include Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Pearl Harbor. I also have dive maps for Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, plus a surfing map of Oahu. However, Franko's map of Molokai is complete on its own, with the things to see and do including diving and surfing. Interestingly, Molokai has some of Hawaii's very best scuba diving and snorkeling. The Molokai map shows a few of the sites along Molokai's lengthy south side barrier reef. First hand experience is that this is a pristine and wonderful area to dive. The green sea turtles acted like they didn't have any concern at all that humans were approaching. Maybe they weren't even familiar with what we are! Similar to my previous maps of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Pearl Harbor, my latest Hawaiian map, which is Molokai, The Friendly Isle, is available in both the folded form (printed on durable, waterproof synthetic paper), and the flat laminated form (perfect for a countertop or wall); Franko's Molokai Fish Card, which features a mini-map of the The Friendly Isle, plus over 80 of Hawaii's beautiful and exciting reef creatures joins the two forms of the Molokai map to create three new products for the Molokai tourist and local folks to enjoy. This premier edition of Franko's Guide Map of Molokai, The Friendly Isle is at last available as of September, 2006.

Having traveled extensively and experienced so much of what the Hawaiian Islands have to offer, Franko and friends have compiled over 7000 words for this single map! In fact, it suffices as a guide book. I like to tell people that if they study this map (especially a laminated map on the dining room table), it will somehow magically cause them to go there. Many people have tried this, and it works! So, you should study every word that is on this map. Learn all about the Friendly Isle and then go there! I've compiled the wording of all of the captions for things to see and do on Molokai, The Friendly Isle below. Of course, there is nothing like seeing the map so you can better understand the wording, so it is recommended that you skip over these paragraphs and just get one of the maps in your hands and then read it. However, if the true Hawaii, that is Molokai, is calling out to you right now to read and learn all that you can, then be my guest and read on. I've come to know Molokai quite well, and so these details are rather good, if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoy them too, and most of all, enjoy Molokai, The Friendly Isle. There is no substitute for just going there. So go! GO!

SIDE ONE of Franko's Molokai, The Friendly Isle
Side one of Franko's Guide Map of Molokai, The Friendly Isle shows entire island in beautiful shades of Hawaiian green, as it sits in the middle of the vast North Pacific Ocean. The island looks like an emerald piercing through the ocean blues, which descend into the depths pf the sea around the island. Molokai magnificent valleys on the east end look three dimensional on the map. It is easy to see how the world's highest sea cliffs on Molokai's north coast isolate and seclude the Kalaupapa Peninsula, once the forced home of victims of Hansen's disease, which is also called leprosy. The entirety of Molokai's 28-mile long barrier reef can be seen lining the south coast spanning from end to end the length of the island. You can see how few roads there are on this fairly large island. This viewer ought to know that there is very little population, tourism or traffic on Molokai. In fact, there is not a single traffic light. The west end volcano called Maunaloa rises gently to only about 1300 feet above sea level. The viewer can see that the far west end is a string of beautiful beaches. On the northwest coast if you look closely you will see the Moomomi sand dunes. The actual sand dunes can be seen because I traced their outline using a space photo of Molokai. While in Molokai I've driven across the dirt roads that expand everywhere across the west end. It is just an interesting note that there were fire hydrants all over what appears to be a vast prairie. It is possible that men wanting to exploit Molokai's unpopulated openness are hoping to develop tracts of homes out here. However, that would utterly change the essence of Molokai. Please visit..but then go back home! Below I will list all of the captions that are on side one of Franko's Guide Map of Molokai. But I first want to mention that this map has a unique feature that beautifies it, as well as all of my dive maps, whether in Hawaii, California, the Caribbean or Micronesia. That is the tropical reef creatures. I show about 80 fish with their names in Hawaiian and English. These are the same fish that appear on my Molokai Fish Card. They add a unique, colorful accent to my maps that I just love. Here are the Molokai Map captions all around the island, starting with the description of the true essence of Molokai, called the “Molokai Manao.” The descriptions go around the map in a counter clockwise direction:


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